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The growing list of titles featuring Malta in their credits is impressive, and include some major blockbusters. 2005 The Da Vinci Code 2002 Held der Gladiatoren 1978 Clash of the Titans 1990 Killer Cruise 2003 Troy 1985 Among Wolves The Malta Film Commission is a government body set up with the aim of assisting in the production of films in Malta and promoting the islands as a filming location. There are currently 35 states member to this Convention. 1968 A Twist of Sand 2009 The Golgotha File 2005 Ghostboat 1996 The Odyssey 1984 Pirates That will make shooting in Malta even more lucrative for Indian filmmakers,” Mizzi said. 1972 Sweeney 2 1995 White Squall 5% - Malta features as Malta or local usage of facilities; 5% - Maximization of local resources; 25% on all eligible animation/VFX expenditure. “Luzzu” shot in Malta and was made with the support of the Malta Film Fund and financial incentives from the Malta Film Commission and the Government of Malta… 1972 Mrs Pepperpot 1966 Casino Royale short brief about Schemes & Incentives. 1980 Raise the Titanic Malta also has a bi-lateral co-production treaty with Canada. 1977 Midnight Express 22% Cash Rebate Of up to 22% of eligible Malta expenditure given to qualifying productions once filming is complete. 2009 Cloud Above the Slope 1984 Final Justice 1969 Mr Jerico 1974 The Mackintosh Man 1986 Inside Story 2009 Commissario Rex 2002 Julius Caesar Film Incentives Malta to be featured prominently in the script and locations featured to be authentic. The Malta Film Commission offers generous financial incentives of up to 40% to audiovisual productions filming on the island. One small country in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta, knows well the effect of a strong and thriving film industry. Malcolm Scerri-Ferrante writes about how financial incentives for foreign producers and the engagement of local crews can be affected by new fixes. 2008 Savage Shore The distribution of income of a scheme to foreign investors is not taxed in Malta. Cash rebates are subject to State Aid Approval. MALTA FILM COMMISSION Malta Film Studios Kalkara, KKR 9062 Malta +356 2180 9135 [email protected] Productions that choose Malta as its filming destination can receive financial incentives of up to 27% cash rebate. “Over the past 20 years, the Film Commission’s efforts to support the local film industry resulted in various financing incentives, including a financing incentive program in 2005, the successful Malta Film Fund in 2008, and a Co-Production fund in 2014,” described Johann Grech, Malta Film Commissioner to Señal News. Funding is through national funds and is awarded to qualifying companies with qualifying productions that 2009 On Tour With The Queen 2000 Fuga d’Amore 1999 Gladiator 2005 Blackbeard Malta Producers’ Association calls out Malta Film Commission over its lack of consultation with local stakeholders. 2000 Asterix et Obelix – Cleopatre Along with locations, film tax incentives play a huge role in determining the most cost-effective places for filming. is a public limited company licensed to carry out the business of banking and investment services in terms of the Banking Act (Cap. 1997 The Count of Monte Cristo 2008 Varus The rebate may amount to a maximum of 80% of the production budget. 1982 Reilly Ace of Spies 1972 The Protectors 1997 Shipwreck 1994 Hooked 1990 Howard’s Way Qualifying Productions: feature films, television productions, mini-series, animation and documentaries are all eligible for the incentives, as long as they are at least partially produced in Malta. 2003 A Different Loyalty 1991 The Mountain of Diamonds 1978 The Sandbaggers 2000 Paul of Tarsus 2001 Submerged The Malta Tourism Authority is offering financial assistance for film and television productions that choose to film in Malta depicting ‘Malta' directly. Up to 27% of the eligible expenditure can be obtained as a cash rebate by a qualifying production company once filming is complete. 2007 Warriors The aims of this Convention are to promote the development of European multilateral cinematographic co-production, to safeguard creation and freedom of expression and defend the cultural diversity of the various European countries. 1982 Airline 1986 Crash Investment aid – is offered in the form of tax credits to a qualifying productions in regards to an initial investment project. 1985 Iron Warrior 2002 Pinocchio Of up to 22% of eligible Malta expenditure given to  qualifying productions once filming is complete. Malta Film Fund. Share with a film lover! As with all Malta Investment Funds, Malta offers a low tax, cost-effective and flexible environment to Media Funds Operators and investment advisers established in Europe and the US. Qualifying Productions: feature films, television productions, mini-series, animation and documentaries are all eligible for the incentives, as long as they are at least partially produced in Malta. 5% Corporate Tax Rate – under Malta’s ordinary corporate tax rate, filmmakers have the possibility to produce and distribute audiovisual productions from Malta and pay the lowest corporate tax rates in the European Union. MALTA FILM COMMISSION Malta Film Studios Kalkara, KKR 9062 Malta +356 2180 9135 [email protected] Cash rebate financial incentives whereby production companies in Malta may obtain a rebate of up to 22% of the eligible expenditure, which is granted upon completion of filming. We believe that building relationships and listening to understand is the way to create a successful and personalised event. 1978 The Martian Chronicles These incentives are in the form of a cash rebate given to qualifying companies on eligible production expenditure incurred in Malta, with qualifying EU expenditure on the island also being eligible. Malta Film Commission Incentives. Abu Dhabi Film Commission also offers a 30% cash rebate on entire spend on production and post-production activities in Abu Dhabi. This draft policy addresses important issues related to film infrastructure, targeted financial incentives, the indigenous industry, the employment sector, education, The Malta Film Commission offers generous financial incentives to audiovisual productions filming on the island. 2006 What We Did On Our Holiday 2005 Munich Following recent amendments to regulations in Malta there is an opportunity for film producers to benefit from a cash incentive in the form of a grant given to eligible productions on qualifying expenditure incurred in Malta. 2006 The Roman Mysteries In order to obtain co-production status, the work must involve at least three co-producers, established in three different Member States, which have signed up to the Convention – this does not exclude the participation of one or more co-producers who are not established in such Member States is possible, provided that their total contribution does not exceed 30% of the total cost of the production. Film France, the French Film Commission Laurie Ades / Jeremie Dubernet-Hardy Tel : + 33 (0)1 53 83 98 90 / 93 CNC Anouk Deiller / Carl Thierry Tel : +33 (0)1 44 34 37 48 / 37 71 2007 Roman Mysteries 2 Tax Credits. 1993 Casque Bleu In line with the film commission's recommendations, Scerri-Ferrante recommended a minimum rebate of 20% with an added incentive for films showing Malta as Malta. 1968 Vendetta of the Saint, Citizenship & Residency – Non EU Nationals, Malta Citizenship by Investment – Individual Investor Programme (IIP), Malta Citizenship & Residency Programmes – Comparison, Intellectual Property Outsourcing Management, Shipping – Malta Tonnage Tax System – Full Tax Exemption. 1964 Mask of Janus Proposals will be reviewed on a case by case basis and only those considered beneficial to MTA's marketing plan for the country concerned will be selected for assistance. Writers,Development,Production & Distribution Grants. they are entitled to the benefits granted to the latter. 1999 U-571 2009 Moby Dick 1992 Christopher Colombus – The Discovery Value Added Tax, stands at 18% and is fully refundable to productions on all goods and services. 1931 Tell England aka The Battle of Gallipoli, 2010 Kammerspiel 1978 Force Ten From Navarone 2009 Mesternes Mester The MFC offers specific financial incentives in the form of cash rebates to audiovisual productions shooting on location in Malta. 1964 The Spies A number of promotional slots are to be featured in TV films/episodes before the scheduled screening. The Financial Incentives for the Audiovisual Industry is a financial incentive scheme managed and administered by the Malta Film Commission under the auspices of the Ministry for Tourism. A copy is to be forwarded to the authority. Qualifying productions are required to present a provisional application to the Malta Film Commission, including a detailed projection of the Malta budget for the … 1988 Leviathan 2005 Pamir 1983 Trenchcoat The threat of invasion by Axis forces is increasing as air raids wear down its defence. Qualifying Productions: feature films, television productions, mini-series, animation and documentaries are all eligible for the incentives, as long as they are at least partially produced in Malta.

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