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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Okay, so yes the title may throw you for a loop but hear me out. The song is about Indian residential schools and the government's apology. Aside from that historical achievement, Snowbird is a Canadian classic, and like Mitchell’s song, has been covered by other artists like Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby. Learn about Canada and it's provinces, territories, and capitals with this educational kids video and catchy song. Sloan is a GREAT example of how GREAT Canadian music can be” — Elle Dee, 91.5 The Beat. We handed it over to you, our readers and listeners to help us determine the greatest Canadian song of all-time. We can’t chronicle the number of records the 23-year-old has broken, but Sorry was No. Indie rock band The Weakerthans manages to capture the very essence of Winnipeg, Man. Including “rock n’ roll can never die” and “it’s better to burn out than to fade away” — both quoted widely and used by many other musicians, including Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in his suicide note — the song is very powerful and one for the ages. And the best of all of them, Shiny Tunes 2, which featured this song. You get swept up into this song and never want to leave” — Jacqueline Sweeney, CISN Country 103.9. OK, so Bryan Adams would only be 10 years old in 1969, but we can’t begrudge the sentiment behind the song. You Oughta Know is widely considered the trademark Alanis song, and at the time of its release, the “scandal” of her lyrics (and the fact that they referred to ex-Full House star Dave Coulier) helped elevate the song into the stratosphere. Playfully dubbed “the provincial rock anthem of Manitoba,” TCB (as it’s affectionately known) is a timeless classic, perfect for that long road trip or commute to work. Celebrating Canada Day isn’t complete unless you’ve created a playlist of country songs about Canada! “The greatest synthesizer hook ever? in One Great City! 1 in 13 different countries and spent multiple weeks on top of Billboard’s Hot 100 and the Canadian Hot 100. Fun fact: CBC journalist Dwight Drummond appears in the video as a cameraman. Hello City – Barenaked Ladies Hello Canadian city, hello Canadian city nightlife. Lightfoot has said in interviews the song came to him as he sat in a vacant Toronto house, as he was going through a divorce. Canadians care about making a stand, but we’ll also have fun while doing so!” — Elle Dee, 91.5 The Beat. This video is shot in Niagara Falls, one of Canada’s biggest attractions. Neighbourhood #1 is the first song and single from Montreal rock band Arcade Fire’s debut album, so it’s literally the first thing we heard from them. The band produced an original sound (think grand rock styling coupled with hand drums) and quirky lyrics, often singing about outer space and aliens. The main theme song to 1997 blockbuster movie Titanic, it is Celine Dion’s biggest international hit (though it should be noted she has several) and one of the best-selling singles of all time. “As soon as you heard this song, you knew Alanis had been scorned! Trooper has performed during several Grey Cup celebrations and this song is a staple during any and all Junior B hockey games throughout Canada (preferably during a power play for the home team in the third period when down 3-2)” — Stephen Keppler, 92.5 Fresh Radio. RIP, Leonard. Sam Roberts’ song about Canada features some typically Canadian content — “everything moves real slow when it’s 40 below” — but the song has a much deeper political context than that. Simplistic in its production, there is something visceral about the performance. Sarah McLachlan was the undisputed queen of the piano power ballad in the ’90s, and her songs were featured in hit shows of the period, including Dawson’s Creek and other teen dramas. Truly groundbreaking in its format, Electric Pow Wow Drum features rawhide drumbeats and true Native singing, meshed with electronic beats and modern technology. One of the greatest examples of The Hip’s ability to poetically tackle social issues” — Scott Hackman, CISN Country 103.9. A combination of blues, rock and country, the song is a dedication to Canadian locales, and they’re mentioned in the lyrics; Moose Jaw, Moosomin, Red Deer, Medicine Hat are among them. Need I go on? Eh bud, just in time for Canada Day, we’ve got 14 songs that will have you feeling as Canadian as possible. Also, drummers who sing like Levon Helm are the best” — Matt DeBeurs, CISN Country 103.9. (For some of the songs, Corus radio folks chimed in with their thoughts.). It was composed in 1968 by Dolores Claman and orchestrated by Jerry Toth. This ’80s hit was popular on both sides of the border, and was Hart’s first charted song — and his first single from his debut album. You’re instantly at the same little party as Kim Mitchell, wondering who would be the first to kiss” — Jacqueline Sweeney, CISN Country 103.9. An element that’s often overlooked is our country’s immense talent, especially our musicians, who we poke fun at for leaving Canada in search of greener pastures and greater fame. The music video (above) is shot at the Don Jail in Toronto, and is presumably the only one in music history that features someone being imprisoned for not wearing sunglasses. The Guess Who—”These Eyes” Written by band members Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings, this 1969 song extended The Guess Who’s popularity beyond their home of Canada, hitting No. Nothing better than going to a party with a little G.B.S playing and a bottle of Screech in your hand. Kinda-sorta a one-hit wonder (they did have a few other songs hit the charts), electronic outfit Bran Van 3000 skyrocketed to the top of the charts in Canada with this tune. “As a kid growing up in Winnipeg, I remember Guess Who pride being very, very strong. This song serves as an almost-dictionary to urban slang, and it popularized “T-Dot,” the now-ubiquitous term for the city. native, with her easy good looks and brassy attitude, brought a new flavour to a genre in danger of growing stale. This song brings me back to my childhood. Some folks knock the band for their obvious Led Zeppelin and The Doors influence, but there’s something distinctly theirs in their sound. Evénements à venir; Evénements passés; Téléchargements; … The music for "O Canada" was composed in 1880 by Calixa Lavallée – a well-known composer at the time – and the French lyrics were written by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier.

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