In 1867, at Harts’ Chapel Free Will Baptist Church, Greene County, a motion was made by Elder Henry Dixon and Elder R.K. Hearn that “…the colored members of this connection unite and form churches to themselves.”  Elder Hearn, William May, and T.N. Manning were appointed to organized the Colored Free Will Baptist Church of Gum Swamp, in the county of Pitt, NC (church now known as Holly Hill Original Free Will Baptist Church, Belvoir, NC).  They were also to organize the Colored Free Will Baptist General Conference.

On August 23, 1869, Jessie Stancil (white), R.K. Hearn (white), and Arnold Spain (Black) purchased land from Louiza Bell.  This land was to be used for a church building and burial ground for the Original Free Will Baptist Colored Church of Gum Swamp.

The Holly Hill Original Free Will Baptist Church was founded and first pastored by Elder Austin Atkinson and Elder William (Bill) Randolph.  Funds to build the church were given to the Black parishioners by the Bethel Conference (White).

In 1993 Holly Hill moved into its present day sanctuary.


Elder Austin Atkinson

Elder William Randolph

Elder Joseph Anderson
Third Pastor

Elder M. C. Windley

Elder Lewis Wilson

Bishop R.E. Worrell

Bishop James E. Tripp Jr.