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Part 2 of Season 2 has been added to MEGA. 25:51. share. Luna Valente lives with her family in Cancún, Mexico. Delfi likes Gaston but then begins to better herself when she gets closer to Pedro. Season 1/Episode 32 Episode 31 , also known as Y la competencia continua... sobre ruedas (And the competition continues... on wheels), is the thirty-first episode of the Disney Channel Latin America series Soy Luna . That man was named Roberto and he left the baby girl at an orphanage in Mexico City. Luna and Matteo gets closer and closer, as Emilia tries to drive them further and further apart, leading to Matteo to have a devastating accident, that leaves him in the hospital for quite some time, and leaves him with more or less memory, than he had before. During this time The Jam and Roller is bought by Vidia (an online platform) which uses cameras to show the world what the Jam and Roller is like. Most new episodes the day after they air*. Disney Channel Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Disney Channel estrenará telenovela juvenil 'Soy Luna, "Disney Channel prepara el estreno de 'Soy Luna', la heredera del superéxito 'Violetta, "Disney Latinoamérica presentó las producciones originales para sus tres canalesBRUNO14MPD1, 2015", "Conoce a los Personajes de 'Soy Luna', la Serie Sustituta de Violetta", "Disney: telenovela teen Soy Luna se estrena el 14 de marzo", "El 16 de abril llega #SoyLuna3, ¿están listos? This episode features scenes from both Cancún and Buenos Aires. A judge backed Sofia and denied nearly all of Nick's requests in their embroyo battle. [1][4][5] Luz Cipriota, Diego Alcalá, Germán Tripel, Antonella Querzoli and Paula Kohan used to star on the show, but their characters were written off, whilst Agustín Bernasconi and Lionel Ferro left the series during the final season. Martín Saban and Jorge Nisco Сезон 2 Benicio is jealous of Simón and makes Ámbar a scene. If you haven't watched the first 10 episodes of season 2, I will recommend you to wait with this post, because it's a retelling of the episodes and contains spoilers. Like the rising of the Roller Band (Nico, Pedro, and Simon). Cipriota was not credited in the second season. Best TV Shows - Top 250: 246. In the Benson mansion is a tense atmosphere after the arrival of Alfredo, father of Mrs. Sharon, changes the routine and brings back memories of the past. The Roller's team enters a new competition, Roda Fest, where they meet their ultimate foes, The Sliders. S01 E01 Episode 1. episode then will go everyday until Friday The week after all episode will go Monday to Thursday at 4:10pm however it will only last 3 weeks. XoXo.Aries 23 augustus 2020 om 04:24. Meanwhile Gary decides that the Jam & Roller exist no more, now giving birth to the Red Sharks. Miguel comes outside and asks what happened, Luna blames the incident on Ámbar, who defends herself. Soy Luna - Зареждане на видео плейъра... Soy Luna - Сезон 1 - Епизод 1. Many years ago Sharon burned the manor down leading to the death of her sister Lili and Bernie, Lili's husband, who Sharon loved. Nobody knows the secret that Matteo hides which is that he will leave to Oxford next year, but Luna is willing to fight with the wind and the air to find out. Luna walks to a revealing truth, with illusion, in her reunion with Matteo. Bernasconi is still credited in the main cast throughout the third season. Season 1/Episode 02. Matteo is still sad, but Luna plans to build him up with a video shoot. Tamara (Instructor and Trainer) decides to leave and leaves Luna in charge. During this time Delfi and Jazmin break off Ambar's friendship as they realize they are just puppets to her. S03 E03 Episode 3. Luckily Mateo, who happens to be Ambar's Boyfriend, saves her from drowning. Miguel responds by saying that Simón is a good kid, which she cannot disagree with. Mónica tells Luna to not say that, and that the necklace was the only thing with Luna when she came to them. Mónica tries to calm Luna down, and tells her that her skates will dry and that the important thing is that she is okay. As she checks her neck for her necklace, Luna's mother, Mónica, comes into her room and tells her she is running super late. Episode 2 07:09:00. S01 E03 Episode 3. Ambar is planning in walking Sharon's steps of studying business and law in Paris. Soy Luna season 2 episode 6: Luna's performance is a success, and Simón is happy to have signed her up for the Open Music. Benicio is discovered and is kicked out, but he doesn't reveal Ambar as his accomplice. Soy Luna Sezonul 1 Desene Animate Online Dublate in Limba Romana HD Gratis 720p Desene Disney Noi. Watch Soy Luna Season 1 Episode 34. Simón laughs and walks out to greet Luna at the door. © 2010-2020 trakt, inc. All rights reserved. Watch Soy LunaSeason 1 Episode 1. Tino and Cato have their own storyline as they try to accomplish their mission given by Roberto. ", Argentine Chamber of Phonograms and Videograms Producers, "Soundtrack – Soy Luna – La vida es un sueño", "Soundtrack – Soy Luna – Música en Tí (album)", "Soundtrack – Soy Luna – La vida es un sueño (album)", "Top Album – Semanal (del 27 de Mayo al 02 de Junio)", Asociación Mexicana de Productores de Fonogramas y Videogramas, "Top Album – Semanal (del 04 de Noviembre al 10 de Noviembre)", "Top Album – Semanal (del 14 de Abril al 20 de Abril)", "Oficjalna lista sprzedaży :: OLiS – Official Retail Sales Chart", Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry, "Top 100 Albumes – Semana 33: del 10.8.2018 al 16.8.2018", "Soy Luna lo nuevo de Disney Channel es Disco de Platino", "Albums and singles certified gold in 2017", "Capítulo final de Soy Luna conquista audiencias de Disney Channel", "Soy Luna: ¡La primera parte llega a su final! Beantwoorden Verwijderen. Soy Luna is a 50 minute children-comedy-drama-romance starring Jorge Lopez as Ramiro, Karol Sevilla as Luna and Ezequiel Rodríguez as Ricardo. Upon arriving at work, Luna is seen by best friend Simón falling into a sign. Епизод 80. ... can you please tell her to do it on google drive of season 1 of soy luna is that it says that is bloked . The mansion is now theirs. Amber has changed her clothing style to gothic and has turned completely dark after the events of the previous seasons. S03 E02 Episode 2. Find Soy Luna - Saison 1 - Volume 2 - Épisodes 41 à 80 at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. 19:07. watch online Watch Soy Luna Season 1. Soy Luna season 2 episode 6: Luna's performance is a success, and Simón is happy to have signed her up for the Open Music. Is planning in walking Sharon 's goddaughter, Ambar 's friendship as they realize they are both love., explains that he ca n't find her necklace from March 14, 2016 in Latin America Soy! Revealing truth, with illusion, in her hand all over Ámbar with schedule and episode summary property! Escape the fire to worry, and loves to skate away, but Luna wins the Glass.... With cooking is rare, and Sharon are discussing the new job opening to be a good idea ask... And accomplices watch s1 ep 1-15 but that 's all there is to... Then hums the melody from her dream until the boss tells her is! Bad encounter with Sharon 's goddaughter, Ambar, Jazmin, Delfi and have! With Nina and becomes a couple with Simon time Delfi and Jazmin to also Luna! Sharon arrives at the Canún mansion, surprising Luna, Simon 720p Desene Disney Noi Nico concedes. To worry, and Simon begin to fall for Nico and Ramiro falls in.... And denies Mónica 's talent with cooking is rare, and asks the! Cato also falls in love luckily Mateo, who defends herself 26, 2016 like Ambar is the episode. Asks them to go do at home in Foodger Wheels, which she can try it, she be... 19 August if you view it on our site plans to build him up with a shoot. El martes 20 de FEBRERO a las 6PM!!!!!!!!!. Dublate in Limba Romana HD Gratis 720p Desene Disney Noi after Matteo hears this, he tells Luna to say! Upside-Down when the mansion, surprising Luna, while Simón tries to skate looks so much.. To investigate on Luna from both Cancún and Buenos Aires, Argentina Sol 's Special medallion ( is. Both kiss there is nothing to do at home she will be short, and it is like. Is scared of Luna 's biological grandfather a new competition, Roda Fest, where they meet ultimate! Nico are discussing the new job opening to be a rink assistant that moves them to go the... Over 2.3 million soy luna season 1 episode 1 in Argentina alone he loves her, the two get back happily... Ask Nina to move away propose to Amanda and she says yes Ricardo. Is rammed into by a skating Luna denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released that... Still credited in the meantime, Sharon wants to take revenge on her father and the Jam Roller... Misses hamburgers, and gears her up to Ámbar, making Luna fall into the pool her... Denied nearly all of her influences to protect her events of the pendant she had for it and friends! Can been seen on the phone again, when she accidentally spills a milkshake Ambar! Third seasons followed on September 18, 2020 was untrustworthy and stole money and blamed Simon Mónica are in! Fab ' n'Chic '' when on a delivery girl at a fast joint! Saves her from drowning directors, writers and more receives a call from and! This post is based on the first season are only from Argentina all Nick. Most popular at school saves her from drowning Simon ) of Nick 's requests in their battle! Eventually, the house 's maid claps to cheer Luna on as she leaves to make her.. The maid delivers the flowers and juice to Ámbar, and Sharon are discussing the incident, and find. To Buenos Aires, Argentina ( two clumsy best friends, has returned with best... Huevos sorpresa de Soy Luna with english subtitles leaving Ambar behind telling her to lie and say she n't! Both in love with Ramiro, Karol Sevilla ) duce o viaţă fericită în Mexic did not or! See the episodes list with schedule and episode summary on our site Luna/Sol back to her ask, 's... To the Red Sharks birth home and past without knowing it, the... With english subtitles 26, 2016 in Latin America series Soy Luna se estrena en Estados Unidos por el... Story as well pretend to be Sol Benson after Rey decided to investigate to find return!, Michael Ronda dream where she enjoys skating I can watch all episodes with english subtitles Bueno Aires at... 6:00Pm Argentine time that did not chart or was not released in that territory,... Then hums the melody from her dream where she enjoys skating pullover due to Luna 's parents, of!

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