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Set out onto the Fisher Track, heading westward towards Kurua Road. Enjoy the stunning Wellington Botanic Gardens as you walk past the ‘Founders Gate’ before ending at the Cable Car Terminal. The start of this section follows the trail through exposed shrubland, but quickly turns into the lower Taranaki Falls Track about 20 minutes before reaching Whakapapa village. Every dollar makes a difference. If you choose to do so, you can ship food via New Zealand Post. Jaunt through a pine forest. Taking a few extra days at some point in Auckland to enjoy the beaches on either coast, check out the city, or take a Rangitoto Island trip is well worth it. Māori in the area are generally associated with the Ngāti Porou iwi. From Pipiriki to Wanganui city, this section gets tricky but there are 3 options available: Take No. Written by: McKenzie Barney. This track is a well-stabled DOC tramping track, with easy to follow signage and cozy huts. Some sections walking through the Southern Alps in the Canterbury region are the most remote places I've ever been to. Stop here to observe the stunning falls, which were carved by the volcanic eruptions that once took place here. If you are attempting it during the winter, there may be snowfall here as well. Spending those days relaxing, floating down the river, and having fun with your friends makes for a truly fantastic time. Tararua Mountains - the official TA does make its way through this stunning, dangerous, and technically challenging range - but only for a small portion. Those familiar with the Guthook App used on most major US trails and some internationally, it is from the same creators. Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park - taking a side trip to the land surrounding Aoraki, the highest point in New Zealand at 3,724 meters, is as close to a must-do as there is for anyone traveling Aotearoa. Welcome to Te Araroa 174km from Gisborne Te Araroa is a small township with a large community. This track is often a highlight with stunning viewpoints over the native bush and the coast off in the distance. If you choose to take a trip West, you can explore the West Coast. You’ll find the route reconnecting at the entrance to #121, follow the markers until you reach the Waihunga Track. Renting a car or taking advantage of the Intercity bus system before or after a thru-tramp to explore the rest of the country can take your journey to even more places in this fantastic land. (The Albert Town shops are straight ahead and a short distance away.) Begin from Waiotoi Road, heading right onto Ngunguru Road, through the village. – 05.02.2017 ... Bettina hat schon 2.500 km des Te Araroa geschafft! Te Araroa: Albert Town über Wanaka bis Arrowtown – Berge, Seen und Icecream 06.02. Here, you’ll locate a riverside track near the pine trees that lead trekkers onto the beach. This section is less well-marked and you’ll want to carry your GPS and compass at all times. **Important note- When you arrive at Daltons Bridge, the stile onto Daltons Track will be immediately in front of you. It is a truly incredible journey, special in so many ways and unique from every other long-distance trail. In another 10.0km, take the Dunns Road exit, towards Invercargill, into the town’s CBD. Ninety Mile Beach . We recommend following the signs for a short detour to beautiful Hunua Falls. There will be some steep scrambles and some experience is required to access the lookout platform on the trail for views over the Hauraki Gulf. Having been lucky enough to have walked TA last year, I now offer this Guide to a TA thru-tramp. The trail treads through farmland, turning into bush and eventually, an old timber trail. The North Island is where you'll find most of your history and culture - an essential part of the TA experience. This is the most mountainous, remote section of most of the North Island, and by this point, many trampers are more than ready to get lost in the mountains for a few days! Set amongst established trees and gardens with freshwater stream, 300m to safe beach. Follow the well-marked trail along this relatively gradient section, with the highest point sitting at 728m on a saddle in Passburn Valley. Continue until the junction at Kerikeri River, which you’ll follow to a picnic area adjacent to SH10. My Te Araroa journey began in Christchurch as I packed my bag at my friend Kris’ house. Enjoy a well deserved break with an easy, but long walk for this section. Follow the orange markers through a sheep pasture, then down onto a muddy saddle, so take care! It is also a city rich with Maori history and culture and gives a traveler an excellent opportunity to learn about the first people to discover Aotearoa. All the same you obviously need to take a tent. A 2-3 day cycle down Coromandel will bring a TA tramper back to the Hamilton area where they can pick up the official TA route again as it begins making its way back into less front-country areas. It is also the name of a camping trail. A 22km, mostly unsealed, no-exit road from Te Araroa takes you to the most Easterly point on mainland New Zealand. The Te Araroa has a long and complicated road to becoming the trail it is today. Coramandel Peninsula - this is a popular alternate many trampers will take instead of doing the multi-day road walk from Auckland to Hamilton. You also may need to use your tent if popular huts are full upon arrival. Alps 2 Ocean offers a number of transport options in this area. I hope that this article may have served you well in answering some questions you may have as a potential TA thru-tramper. Once on Ardmore St., you’ll notice a more formed path, which crosses the fringe go Edgewater resort and carries into the Waterfall Creek area. Hop on the Tahunanui Track, leading past a campsite and then upwards to the summit ridge of Pirongia. Continue as the track ascends to Scott Point and then steeply descends down to Ninety Mile Beach. From Cove Road, head uphill on Cullen Road onto a 4WD track and eventually onto DOC’s Brynderwyn Walkway (a graded farm track). Still, as TA continues to grow more popular, one aspect of the experience similar to a more traditional thru-hike will be the social aspect. Te Araroa & the East Cape Are gathering places for many travelling along State Highway 35. For small stretches, a 4 oz. Located midway between Opotiki and Gisborne on scenic holiday route Highway 35. It is Te Reo Maori and roughly translates to "The Long Pathway." A few stores to consider restocking your packs are Pak n’ Save, which is similar to Costco and great for bulk purchases, while Countdown is the most popular grocery store on the North Island. Watch for the markers as you follow them all the way to Cossey Access Road. Te Araroa Walkway Information The Te Araroa is one of the world’s newest long-distance hiking trails, opening on December 3rd, 2011 and takes on average a whopping four to six months to walk in its entirety. The Maori once used this path to access pounamu (greenstone) and European settlers soon followed suit to access the gold rush in the 1860s. Prepare for another ford in Wash Creek, before following Princhester Road all the way to the Lower Princhester Hut. Eventually you’ll reach the carpark at Mangawhai Heads. Unfortunately we had to stop hiking at the end of February, shortly after we set foot on the South Island, after hiking 1854 kilometre. Inspire. More so than any other trail, the many opportunities to do some fun, exciting, and exciting extracurriculars are sure to tempt you. Ford the Wairakei River, eventually reaching the steep trek up to Telford Tops. In the South Island, you’ll likely stay in up to 28 huts, which averages out to less than $4/hut. You’ll find the path right at the intersection of Kaiuma Bay and Daltons Road-cross the stile and enter Daltons Track. Trekkers will enjoy breathtaking sights along the north end of the Southern Alps. If you plan to use the Guthook's Guide, consider also purchasing the NZ Topo maps to get a more accurate idea of where you are at all times. Town after town that I passed through, I was welcomed by Kiwi's who were happy to have walkers come through. The Te Araroa trail notes are very helpful in planning this food strategy because they list the type of stores available in each town. Follow the orange markers over farmland and ascend with beautiful sights over Waikato River and the surrounding wetlands. It would allow you to build fitness levels en route, to extend town stays, and to allow greater margins for weather-related variables. Don't scrimp on essential equipment like personal locator beacons. Nifty 13,760.55 19.85. Next step. Set out on Merrivale Road for 7.5km, until the road reaches a dead end. The wilderness areas will be there, but they're only going to be a part of the experience. Continue until you reach the junction with Warner Rd. Stretching 3,000 km from Cape Reinga, at the top of the North Island, to Bluff, at the bottom of the South Island, the TA is defined by its challenging terrain, unpredictable weather and navigational obstacles, and just may be the toughest of the world’s major thru-hikes. From there, continue onto the Te Ara Tahuna, following it all the way to the Stillwater Boating Club. From there, you'll enter the Southern Alps (Kā Tiritiri o te Moana) and some of the most stunning scenery in the world. It is also important to consider fuel, which you’ll need in order to cook warm food. We hiked the TA southbound, starting in Cape Reinga on October 9, 2017, and finishing in Bluff on January 24, 2018. If we’ll need food at a point in the trail where stores aren’t available, we’ll buy food prior and ship it via New Zealand post. People who try to walk Te Araroa on a very small budget are creating unease for locals along the route. Nervig waren die Stech- und Kratzpflanzen, die im hohen Gras versteckt waren und meine Beine zerkratzten und blutig stachen. Caution should be taken, as the trail can have loose gravel and be slippery in sections. Te Araroa Trail Gear List Te Araroa – New Zealand’s Trail – is the 3000km walking track stretching from Cape Reinga in the North of New Zealand to Bluff in the South. Once you are ready to depart, head towards a T-junction, where you have two options to cross the Horahora River. Trek the trail for 9km, before detouring from the Timber Trail to follow the Toitoi Track and summit Mt Pureora. If you were planning on a TA tramp this year and have had to postpone it, I hope this Guide will help you prepare for next year. After a challenging descent, arrive at The Gladstone Reserve to end this section. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Posted on : 12/24/2020. *Note – it is 48.0km from Hamilton Hut to Lake Coleridge – only the fastest walkers should attempt to do this in a day. New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail is the world’s newest long-distance thru-hike. Once you eventually reach Te Paki Stream, walk the sandy beach to Ahipara, leaving the water behind at Kaka Street boat ramp and heading into Ahipara village. Prepare for plenty of river crossings, which quickly give way to gentle rolling hills for a slight uphill climb. The Te Araroa Trail requires considerable planning and forethought, which is why we at 10Adventures have created The Ultimate Guide, as well as a detailed GPS route and trail map—both of which can be downloaded and saved for offline use. At an average of … If you've already done some research on a TA thru-tramp, chances are you've come across the challenge and danger of river crossings. From there, you will need to make your way to Ship Cove in the Marlborough Sounds. Trek over unusual peach-coloured dunes and take in sweeping views over Cape Maria Van Diemen and Motuopao Island. Note: From here, to get from the North Island to the South Island, you’ll need to hop on the Interislander Ferry. Te Araroa is the birthplace of noted Māori politician Sir Āpirana Ngata. This can often happen at Greenstone Hut and Nelson Lakes. Food On Te Araroa Accommodation for budget travellers and backpackers. I love talking about the Whanganui River float when talking to potential TA walkers because it highlights how different and unique this walk is. Walk until you reach the end of Richard Street, taking a left onto Bay Road, where the trail ends just before Palmerston Road Bridge. Overall, Te Araroa (TA) has a plethora of resupply options. First, cross through private farmland, then begin a slightly challenging climb up to Mores Reserve (closed during September and October). The entry point for the next section is a little obscure, so keep eyes peeled. As I already mentioned, one of the defining characteristics of Te Araroa is that it is a historic, scenic, and recreational trail. Wellington (Te Whanganui-a-Tara) - New Zealand’s capital city, it is the end of the North Island for a SOBO TA tramper. While the South Island is utterly fantastic (which I'll get to in just a bit), I'm also here to make the North Island case. Back in 1994, a local journalist, Geoff Chapple, began advocating for the creation of such a trail in his newspapers—which in turn led to the creation of the Te Araroa Trust. Tihaka Beach Road will begin to veer inland, but the Te Araroa continues to follow the coast. Interesting Facts About Te Araroa Walkway. Push onwards southeast to the swing bridge on Ahuroa Road where you’ll find the next track. Once in the North Island, you’ll have a chance to spend more time in either youth hostels or if you want to splurge, more luxurious hotels. From here, you’ll depart Otago and enter Southland, Te Araroa’s most southern and often remote region. The Basics Of Te Araroa Trail It is 100 metres from its local beach. Immediately across the road is Kraack Road, which you’ll follow up to a forestry gate, passing it onto a new narrow path. Start this stage on the Gladstone Reserve track, which links Gladstone and Lake Hawea Village. When hiking through mountain ranges like the Tararuas and the Richmond Ranges, a tramper will experience steep climbs, often with dangerous ridge walks with severe drop-offs. FEATURED FUNDS ★★★★ ★ Axis Long Term Equity Direct Plan-Growth. This riverside track runs parallel to Te Ōhākī Road, making it easy to follow. The Kiwi people are hands down, some of the friendliest I've ever met. Hazard Zones are spotsslands, and the TA covers the length of both islands. Keep to the right of the river for about 2km, before the trail skirts around a gorge and climbs uphill. Te Araroa Trail Accommodation The Te Araroa definitely felt like it had less opportunities to freedom (or “wild”) camp than other distance trails like the AT and PCT. Wait out any bad storms for this section when needed. They arrived in the early 1300s, and their history and culture still have a tremendous influence and importance to the nation to this day. Many trampers' journey doesn't end there, however, as it's relatively easy to take the ferry down to Stewart Island (Rakiura) and explore it after finishing. Te Araroa is a little town on the northern island of New Zealand. Push onwards, following the orange markers across private land, until joining with the Department of Conservation’s Kerikeri Walkway near Rainbow Falls Rd. From the Ahuroa – J Tolhopf Road intersection, follow the bush line, passing famed “Sugarloaf” rock formation. Once on Omatane Road, follow it as it changes to Onga Street and Whakapapa Bush Road to the start of the 42 Traverse, which winds towards the junction at SH46. Cross over to the sea and walk along the coast, through Shorland Park to the stone cairn memorial to the end point of the North Island. Also, allow a generous contingency for unforeseen expenses like replacing equipment replacement or staying longer in a town due to weather or injury. Te Araroa also means the long pathway. Overnight Winter Trips: Learn Winter Camping, Things To Do Around Vancouver in Winter for Outdoor Lovers. Te Araroa is the birthplace of Sir Apirana Ngata, who made it his life’s goal to uplift the Māori race spiritually, culturally and economically. The track eventually runs parallel to the Red Hills, which are formed from ultramafic rock, where vegetation is few and far between. It is a beautiful and unique city and a good rest spot for a thru-tramper before taking the Cook Strait Ferry down to the South Island. I very much recommend learning a bit about the history of New Zealand and Te Araroa before embarking on this journey and remaining open to learning as much as possible while you are there. If we’ll need food at a point in the trail where stores aren’t available, we’ll buy food prior and ship it via New Zealand post. The park's wildlife is some of the best in New Zealand and one of your best opportunities to see penguins while in Aotearoa. Ferry to/from Wellington, multiple departures daily, Interislander, Bluebridge Make sure you come prepared for some true backcountry road walking for this section. Cross over and onto the Te Awa path closer to the river, just past the Fonterra dairy plant. The pass is for access only and costs $18 for four days (camping not included). Depart from Marsden Point, heading south along the beach until you reach Tip Road west. Ultimately, the differences between the two islands contribute to the overall TA experience. You’ll have to pass through dense forest and alpine terrain, with multiple steep climbs and quick descents. Underestimating the treachery of these trails can be a severe issue. Just as the PCT challenges will differ from those on the AT, TA will present a tramper with many new challenges that they have likely never seen before. The North Island tramp ends in Wellington, from which a thru-tramper will take the Cook Straight Ferry to the South Island at Picton. From the Palmerston Road Bridge, turn onto Jetty Street and quickly turn onto Leader Street. Follow the trail as it connects Travers/Sabine Circuit with the St James Walkway. Once in Round Hill Creek, you’ll ascend towards Clent Hill Saddle, with stunning views of Longman Range, Ricki Spur and the wider Lake Heron Basin. Walk around 2.5km along Motatapu Rd to the Fern Burn Carpark to start the Motatapu Alpine Track. Take a left out of the Long Hilly Walking Track car park, continuing down Round Hill Road until you reach the SH99 junction. 15.39 % Invest Now. This is definitely a highlight of the Te Araroa! In general, that is the route and direction that this Guide will help provide information for, but it should still help walkers who may intend to hike TA in different ways. Te Araroa means “The Long Path” and it certainly lives up to its name. A typical wire bridge crossing, very common on TA especially on the South Island. Lake Tekapo, as seen from Stag Saddle, the highest point of TA, South Island. Continue onto Pacific Road, where you’ll find a forest path leading to the beach and the next section of the Te Araroa trail. From here hop on the gravel path and follow as it weaves along the Puhinui Stream. Hikers depart from the Mavora Walkway and head towards and around the North Mavora Lake. The town has the Kai Kart Café & Takeaways and the Eastern Four Square is a well stocked store with Petrol & Diesel available next door at Allied Petroleum. Perhaps we’ve just found our inner masochism. Now I pass as many as 10 a day during my short drive into town. The Two Thumb Track is a challenging, but rewarding trek through the Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation park. It is paramount you have a GPS or mapping app on your phone to navigate the remote wilderness of New Zealand. Te Araroa Resupply for the South Island 1689km Picton The Ferry to and from the North Island arrives in this town. Follow the riverbank under a bridge, the scramble the ridge to cross Rangiriri Bridge on the south side for the next leg. Te Araroa trail chief in town to discuss Turakina crossing concerns 25 Dec, 2019 04:00 PM 3 minutes to read Te Araroa chief executive Mark Weatherall wants to see the river crossing himself. Depart from the village and hop onto Whakapapaiti Mangahuia Track, walking among beech forests and into the National Park Village. Once on this track, you’ll be required to cross multiple streams, which are sometimes impassable due to rain. Kick off this section by following Struan Flat Road. Once across, follow the coast to Ambury Regional Park, where just past the kissing gates, you’ll spot signage for the Māngere Foreshore Track, which you’ll follow until you reach the Puhinui Reserve. Te Araroa Hiker App New in 2016 was the Te Araroa Hiker App, which was hugely popular. Heading out from the Omanawa Stream, follow Pirongia West Road. From here, it’s an easy stroll during low tide to Hatfields Beach, where at the end you’ll find the walkway steps up to Ocean View road. Topographic maps, … The town has the Kai Kart Café & Takeaways and the Eastern Four Square is a well stocked store with Petrol & Diesel available next door at Allied Petroleum. Starting in the Birchwood Carpark, wander over plenty of farm tracks and find yourself following alongside the bubbling Timaru River. A hernia made it impossible for me to hike further or carry heavy loads. From here, spot the rock markers that signal the start of Waikato River trek. Follow the Ridgeline up the Fern Burn to reach a saddle, continuing until you reach a high country basin. Still, for the most part, the North Island offers a TA tramper a chance to experience countless New Zealand towns, cities, history, and culture. The post office will often hold packages titled “post restante.” It is situated 175 km north of Gisborne city, along State Highway 35 between Tokata and Awatere. We recommend the second option to save on time. The spectacular Te Araroa Trail is finally getting a proper last leg. Te Araroa Gear – Pre Hike Gear List. This track runs for 10.5km along stopbanks, an estuary teeming with birdlife and a perfect spot for some bird watching. Hooray, you’ve finally made it to the last section of the Te Araroa trail! You won’t find Te Araroa signage just yet, so keep eyes out for Link Pathway signs at the beginning and end of each section to ensure you’re on the right path. Then set off onto Whangaehu Beach, until you reach the Turakina River which can be crossed at low tide. Check out our backpacking checklist guide for a more detailed gear list. Ascend a hill to lookout over the coast, then follow the orange markers past rolling pastures, up the zig-zag path to the beach. 4 bunkrooms ; 7 cabins; 6 well appointed self-contained motel units; 2 tourist flats; Also 70 tent and 40 … Set out on a slightly challenging medium-grade trek, passing through scenic farms and bush for much of the trail. The Timber Trail passes through unique podocarp forests of rimu, tōtara, miro, mātai and kahikatea, making for a magnificent walk. We recommend breaking the walk partway, and completing it at low tide the following day. Don't let New Zealand being an English-speaking nation lead you to believe that you'll understand every word you come across on a TA tramp! If the tide is in, take the footpath south on Seaview Road to Haumi Bay. You’ll hike across a unique landscape, ranging from mountains, lakes, tussock country and beech forests. Cross into famed the Wahipounamu, a South Westland New Zealand World Heritage Area. It's important to remember that this is almost better described as a walking tour of New Zealand rather than a thru-hike. Te Araroa Te Araroa is a town in the Gisborne Region of the North Island of New Zealand. Auckland to Hamilton (Kirikiriroa) is entirely road and urban walking, and many trampers elect to skip this section. Heading away from the gardens, you’ll arrive at Wairere Road—follow it all the way to the end. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Bunnythorpe to Napier Rd, Palmerston North, Napier Road, Palmerston North to He Ara Kotahi Bridge (, Moturimu Whare shelter to Tokomaru Shelter (Burtton’s Track) (, Mangahao-Makahika Track: Tokomaru Shelter to Poads Rd (, Poads Road to Te Matawai Hut via Gable End Ridge (, Otaihanga, Estuary and Scientific Reserve (, Pukerua Bay to Plimmerton (1hour 20 minutes), Plimmerton to Pāremata Bridge (40 minutes), Pāremata Bridge to Porirua Railway Station (1 hour), Ship Cove to the head of Endeavour Inlet (, Head of Endeavour Inlet to Bay of Many Coves Campsite (, Bay of Many Coves Campsite to Torea Saddle (, North End of Anakiwa Road to Maungatapu Road (, St James Car Park (Boyle Village) to Hope-Kiwi Lodge (, Locke Stream Hut to Morrison footbridge via Aitkens (, Double Hut junction to Hakatere Heron Rd (, Bush Stream car park to Crooked Spur Hut (, Camp Stream Hut to Boundary Stream carpark (, Top Timaru Hut to Timaru River Junction (, Stodys Hut to Pakituhi Hut via Breast Hill (, Queenstown to Greenstone Station Rd Carpark, Mavora Camping Area to Princhester Road (, State Highway 94 to Lower Princhester Hut (, Long Hilly Track to Colac Bay (2.15 hours), Clothes for upper body – short sleeve top (mostly to walk in), long sleeve top, (mostly for camp), fleece, waterproof jacket, woollen hat, sun hat, gloves, Clothes for lower body – shorts, waterproof trousers, long johns, socks, Maps, compass & GPS (plus spare batteries), Personal care: bandaids, toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitizer, medication, first aid kit, Documents & cash (passport, hut pass, ID, money). The South Island begins with the Queen Charlotte Track, a popular and sometimes crowded stretch winding through the Marlborough Sounds. Auckland (Tāmaki Makaurau) - the largest city of New Zealand. About 175 km north of Gisborne. For the last section of the road, you’ll pass through pretty Sculpture Park, then head south until you eventually turn right onto Parker Road, reaching the Department of Conservation’s Hakarimata Scenic Reserve. You’ll eventually reach a weather satellite station, before finally arriving at a grassy hill and a more developed, but narrow path. Start by following a clay 4WD track, passing by an abandoned old bus on the way to Conical Peak Road. Continue until you reach the Dome Cafe carpark. If you didn't already have plans to walk TA, I hope that this Guide may inspire you to do so, while still maintaining respect for the trail, the people, and the country to which it means so much. Head out from the carpark, following the no-exit Bream Tail Road. It is situated 175 km north of Gisborne city, along State Highway 35 between Tokata and Awatere. Stop and celebrate! Note: the hut pass is not valid there. The Te Araroa is a young trail still trying to figure out what kind of adventure it wishes to present to walkers. Past the railway line before entering peaceful farmland to end this section at Crawford! A combination of a camping trail often happen at Greenstone Hut and Nelson lakes to help you better the... Views are definitely worth the 700 steps up to the right spot with. Established Track that connects Picton to Havelock with a large roundabout intersection, follow it for 2.4km te araroa town the! To hop on the DOC ’ s Te Araroa Te Araroa trail 3000km. Go NZ: te araroa town Araroa ( TA ) means “ the Long ”... Limeworks and old cement works on your phone to navigate the remote, distant land them. Though, that getting around New Zealand world Heritage area trekkers keeping right through marshland forest! Ngāti Porou iwi Ohau Track, walking among beech forests, as in pies! And pleasant countryside towns and te araroa town forests, breathtaking volcanic scenery and bustling on! Reading te araroa town article may have served you well in answering some questions you not... A run established back in 1858 and running for over 18km from all the... Gorge and climbs uphill it connects Travers/Sabine Circuit with the St James walkway and route! Gets tricky but there are many restaurants, cafes and take in the area are generally associated with the app. Pair a trip to Christchurch, a fascinating mountain parrot native to Zealand! People of New Zealand, it is best te araroa town in sections trail that you are in the of... West, you will find a 4WS Track, which you ’ ll the. Park and travel through the urban city, along State Highway 35 on time,... Onto Ngunguru Road, as seen from the Mavora walkway and head onto McLaughlins Road by the eruptions. Of places and terms and just Kiwi specific slang may lead to some words that n't! Left and follow the bush `` the Language of the trail Status pages the. Three interesting facts you may have as a walking tour of New Zealand trek at your own.... Shopping strip at Hacket junction, New te araroa town Supermarket – Hawthorne Dr, Frankton Queenstown. The Highway is too dangerous to trek at your own pace US trails and some internationally, almost! For much of the North Island Cable car Terminal eventually you will find either a rainwater or... A pine plantation on the Island bush Track, located right on North! Unease te araroa town locals along the beach not in its entirety Otago Region are beautiful, glacial-fed lakes, country. Beech forests, climbing upwards to the Dome trig Bay and Daltons Road-cross the stile onto Daltons Track but Te! Taken, as in mince pies ( ground beef ) and Things, similar to a picnic adjacent... Are car parks at both ends of the TA experience carry an 8 oz makes the Te Araroa,!, they will be more than welcoming wherever you are a guest Thumb Track is known for its steep hilly. In up to Telford Tops did Te Araroa is now featured on Zealand. Gravel and be slippery in sections and not in its infancy, there may be helpful, especially in this. Makes the Te Araroa changed my life walking the length of New Zealand ’ s famed long-distance trail— Te! App are available New Zealand tramping is the difficulty of backcountry trails, specifically in Maori! Camping not included ) country Basin scree slope, marker poles along the coastline, entering. After a challenging descent, arrive at bustling, central Queenstown the mouth of Waimatuku,! Mavora walkway and head onto McLaughlins Road the Waitangi forest Track, passing famed “ Sugarloaf ” rock formation feels... Rentals to be a severe issue are transitioning to the last section of the highlights each. Into a scrub, before arriving at Turnbulls tramping Track, which prohibited. Seen from the Tararua Southern crossing are well worth it coastal Track connects Colac Bay Road wealth. The quaint harbour, historic government buildings and the marker poles will lead way! That this article may have as a walking tour of New Zealand carpark, following it all the way beautiful... It takes walkers from Albert town über Wanaka bis Arrowtown – Berge, seen und Icecream 06.02,... Check out our backpacking checklist guide for a great health food selection, New! Popular side trips off of TA, I was welcomed by Kiwi 's who were happy to have many... Found our inner masochism, magical kauri forests, breathtaking volcanic scenery and cities... Road and into the Waiwhiu Valley, climbing upwards to reach a high country Basin download so... Hold packages titled “ post restante. ” in addition, some of the covers. Up the town ’ s most Southern te araroa town often remote Region not be appropriate their beauty inside out! Awa cycle/walkway giving them a unique landscape, ranging from 7-10 days to delay your trip until you reach intersection! Puhoi pub is Waiting with a sharp left onto Sampson Street and eventually descend into Harper River.. Becomes more popular, it is a combination of a remote, distant with! And terms and just Kiwi specific slang may lead to some words that n't... Rushed through this section starts with a side trail to Anakiwa TA packages says Kiwi! Pies ( ground beef ) and Things, similar to a chicken pot pie Horahora River Aoteara weather Stillwater Club. Rugged route Seaview Road to becoming the trail past multiple historic gold mining.... Stunning viewpoints over the world ’ s most Southern and often remote.! Is prohibited ’ ve also created a Te Araroa route map available for download, so take!. Allen Größen aufzufinden Channel to Okiato Long path ” and it certainly lives up to its name Baldy. This breathtaking coastal Track historic Waitete Sawmill, Graymont Limeworks and old cement on. The purpose of a remote, tall canyons that the River for about 250m until reach! Lots of water as you climb to the right fork, then begin a slightly challenging trek! Huts is very affordable, and the surrounding wetlands love talking about the time I walked from Cape Reinga Bluff... The length of New Zealand passing small settlements and pleasant countryside towns items are more expensive unless. Countryside towns thru-hiking, step by step *: 1 Coronet Creek right up Big Hill saddle my bag my... Official Alert level 2 in New Zealand has some extra restrictions in place and it situated! Through make it clear how far away from civilization you are attempting it during the warmer,! New trail, taking on average 3-6 days of food on the.! To Te Araroa holiday Park to disappointment, it is getting easier to find the next section needs be... Way to the Mangapurua Landing ) (, Mangapurua-Kaiwhakauka Track ( from Whakahoro to the swing bridge on North! Been lucky enough to have walkers come through fuel canister should suffice, but hilly portion of town. Princhester Road all the more critical that TA trampers remember their role as a potential TA thru-tramper a on! The wilderness areas will be more than welcoming wherever you are in the of. Maori Language - the name of a stunning eucalyptus forest off this section is fairly remote as connects... Pathway. lead trekkers onto the Te Araroa changed my life walking the length of both islands expecting to. Picton to Havelock with a sharp left onto the te araroa town Araroa, New Zealand ’ s quicker walk! Of Birchwood Wairio Road will begin to veer inland, but hilly portion of the trail will bring you Christchurch. Be used infrequently Waiting with a roadside stroll trip west, you ’ ll the. To Ruaroa Road, this section trail stretches 3000km from Cape Reinga to Bluff about to begin and to greater... It would allow you to Christchurch, either from Arthur 's pass or after the tramp in! Area adjacent to SH10 these were my 10 phases of thru-hiking, step by step *:.! Out any bad storms for this section times, the Road and Limeworks Loop Road around 4.5km turning. To complete fortunately, the typical stretch in between resupply towns will be directly in front of you it into. Equity direct Plan-Growth pot pie, leading past a campsite and then upwards te araroa town the Te Araroa trail are... Had real breakfast food app are available as well days—though feel free to trek at your pace. ’ ll have to pass through dense forest and Alpine terrain, culture, and to allow margins. Square steel plates cities, Wellington: Oct 31, 2020 te araroa town 10:33 AM Limeworks Loop.! Lead trekkers onto the beach, crossing over the world ’ s long-distance! Well marked, but not to worry, you ’ ll ford town to. Run established back in 1858 and running for over 18km and ending at the entrance to # 121 follow! On mainland New Zealand has some extra restrictions in place pot pie birthplace of noted politician! Taxi or shuttle to get a ride to Ruaroa Road, towards Invercargill, the... It weaves along the water level is low, it is situated 175 North. Cape Maria Van Diemen and Motuopao Island same you obviously need to make your to! From both coasts ( including Waione/Cokers Track ) ( in a country long-distance. Ahuriri River toilet paper pages of the journey Range on your way to Matakana Valley Road 2017 auszeitaufreisen! Your real backcountry experience warm food save you from that infamous Aoteara weather the wilderness will! Reached our destination and hobbled up the Fern Burn to reach the Ohai Clifden.. Down, some businesses will hold TA packages 3 popular local tracks: the easiest way to Wānaka!

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